Have you been nursing the idea of being an expert pianist, but time or getting a tutor to take you through the learning process has been a significant constraint? If you are in this category, then opting for self-teaching should be considered. 

Although learning the piano alone without a physical guide may be quite a considerable task, and you may never get it all done by yourself, even though it will be worth your time. As far as teaching yourself is a welcome development, a tutor or someone to seek guidance from (hopefully this website will help) will dramatically aid your learning process. 

Where Do You Start?

You may have heard a lot of people saying they learned one instrument all by themselves. The fact is, this is not entirely true. Don’t misconstrue what I’m trying to point out. Yeah, it’s possible to teach yourself how to play a specific instrument but sooner or later you will get yourself stuck.

This is when it's best to go get some advice, you can listen to your favorite musician or even if it's just shooting a pm to a musician you may know on Facebook™ to ask for a bit of guidance. That help can go a long way and make the difference between succeeding and quitting out of frustration.

Progress gives enthusiasm, making no progress leads to boredom and eventually quitting. Please don't quit, as playing the piano is one of the most relaxing, stress-relieving joys you can have :-).

I went a bit off-topic there, so let me get back to the point I was trying to make.

For example, if you are a fan of Jerry Lee Lewis, you’ll consciously or unconsciously learn from his style of play. The reality is, you’ll need to have a lot of discipline and dedication if you want to adopt the self-teaching method. 

It’s going to be a long and rough journey. There will be a time you will get discouraged and not find it easy to carry on with the learning process but with persistence and determination, you’ll undoubtedly achieve your aim. Below are some hints that you should look out for in your journey as a pianist.

Choosing an Instrument

Being an expert starts right from your choice of instrument. You need to be very careful when opting for an instrument, especially if you are not vast in the kind of instrument to opt for. Your budget is a key factor when choosing the kind of instruments you want to purchase. 

If you have the money, getting a standard 88-key upright piano should be your best bet. However, if you don’t have a robust budget, you can always look for a good secondhand piano that’s in great shape or opt for an electronic keyboard, depending on your budget. 

Note, if your budget can only get you an electric keyboard, ensure it comes with the standard 88keys (i.e., 36 black keys and 52 white keys.)

Learning from Other Musicians

As earlier said, learning all by yourself wouldn’t come easy; hence you need to find all the inspiration you can get. One of these is listening to some great musicians’ songs and getting inspiration from their success stories and their style of music.

It will come in handy when you are feeling down, or you are not just getting the needed motivation to practice. If you are hooked up in a place, you can take out of their albums and listen to it to boost up your morale. You can also adapt their style of music gradually with repetition of the music or album you’d love to play. 

Learn from Books

Books are a great way to aid your learning process. You can get lots of information regarding chord and charts, and learn about the rules guiding music from decent books either in the library or anywhere else. 

Books such as this would go a long way in aiding your learning process and give you precise detail on some practical music theory. Also, it will get you accustomed to how to read sheets of famous songs of your choice. 

At an early stage, it may not be easy digesting all the information in the books, but with time, you’ll certainly find it easy and fun to read. 

Learn from Websites on the Internet

You can always lay your hands on any information you are searching for on the internet. This means you can get lots of information that will aid your piano lessons. Nevertheless, you must be careful of the content you are searching for and the kind of site you’ll click on. 

Some of these websites are only after your money and not ready to divulge any substantial information, and you can even get confused in the process of getting to learn on their website. But this doesn’t mean there are no excellent websites with comprehensive information regarding the piano.

Practice Regularly

Practice makes perfection is what they say. Thus, you need to make out time for constant practice, if you indeed want to achieve your dream. Also, you need to be serious with your practice and treat it as another job if you're going to get the best out of it. 

Design a timetable for your piano lesson, and never try to ditch any of your practice. You must learn to practice at the appropriate time even if you don’t feel like doing so. 

Work on your posture

At the early stage of your learning process, it is logical not to have gotten used to a certain posture. You’ll realize that you get easily worn out if you stay in a position for an extended period, it’s normal. However, there is a natural posture for playing piano and that is maintaining a sitting posture. 

Whenever you are playing your piano, sit down and relax, ensure that your arms are hanging loosely next to your sides. Be flexible with your hands on the keyboard and relax your shoulders. 

Learn something new each day, and make sure you are doing things the right way. Inculcate a good habit during this learning process and towards other things you are doing. Get comfortable with your instrument, and don’t be in a rush to move up to the next level. 


Remember, things may not get rosy during all the learning process, but your determination and consistency is needed to achieve your aim. Don’t be discouraged and be prepared to withstand whatever challenges that may come your way during the learning process. 

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