Just imagine a moment where you are doing wonders with the keys at a friend’s party, playing superb and melodious pieces such as Richard Clayderman’s songs, or well-known rock and roll song like Jerry Lee Lewis, and it could even be a song of your favorite musician. Sitting behind a piano and getting your audience wowed with your magical hands on the piano, the feelings would be so ecstatic, right?

Yeah, that’s true, but the question you should ask yourself is, is piano meant for you? With your zero musical experience, do you think you’ll excel at this? There are indeed several books out there that promise to make you a professional pianist within a couple of days, while there are some that claim they can help you to achieve this feat in just five minutes. Before you subscribe to any of this, there are some questions you need to ask yourself,

  • If it’s that easy, why is getting a professional pianist a difficult task?
  • What can you learn in just five minutes?
  • Can you learn a piano without seeking the help of a good music instructor?
  • What kind of player would you be with just five minutes of practicing?
  • Can you learn piano without getting yourself accustomed to the basic music principles, as stated in music theory?

Once you can provide answers to this, then you’ll know your decision on whether or not to subscribe to this kind of class. 

Another major issue when it comes to learning piano is the age at which you can start learning the piano. Is there a specific age that you must learn the piano, or can you begin learning to play at any age? This is a significant question a lot of people would love to have an answer to. 

However, before this, let’s consider two examples. I once read an article in the local newspaper on a 90-year-old brave lady who received the degree she always wanted after 10 years of study.

And recently, I saw a video on YouTube of a 66-year-old lady who learned to play the piano. I was so inspired when I looked at that video. People may say ‘don’t give hope’ where there is none, but there is hope! Let's take a look at this. 

Hear the Good News!!!

Hey, this doesn’t translate to the fact that learning a piano at age 40-90 means you’re a step closer to being the next Martha Argerich, Chopin or Richard Clayderman. In fact, your age doesn’t matter, as long as you are willing to commit your time and effort to learn, becoming a pro would be at your reach. 

I’m not saying your age wouldn’t have any impact on your learning process, and it’s of utmost importance. You can’t compare your strength when you are 75 to that time when you were 10 years old. There is a clear difference. Also, if your strength can’t meet up with the learning process, don’t force it. 

Remember, be fair to yourself; you need your physical strength to carry on with your mental strength. 

However, if you are damn sure of your physical strength, then there’s nothing that should stop you from becoming an expert pianist. Even if you are not young but your strength can still meet up, stop sulking up in regrets and fear because it’s never late to achieve your dream. And if you are still young and agile, don’t let anything hinder you from achieving your goal. 

Interestingly, you can learn the piano using an electronic keyboard until you’ve saved up enough money to purchase a piano. Start learning now! You can also consider using a church’s piano. At least, no church would make it a requirement for a pianist to have a piano before you can play for them; instead, they’d welcome and be glad they’ve added a new talent to their church. 

Oh, are you one of those who have given playing the piano a trial in before but the end is not so encouraging. Not to worry, it sure does happen, and that’s part of what makes you a human. Don’t sit there watching the piano continually reminding you of your past failure.

The truth is, no law regulates the number of times you can fail. Hence, no matter how much time you have failed, don’t give up on your goals. Remember, many successful people out there only became successful after many unsuccessful attempts.

But I’ll incur lots of expenses if I opt for a Music Lesson

Yeah, subscribing for a music lesson indeed takes a lot of money and it’s not everyone that has the capability of paying for things like piano, music theory lessons, as well as the fees required for grade exams. 

However, the fact is, good things don’t come free. It will require spending your money, time, and effort. And once you pay for these, you are sure to get your desired results. Also, most of the music teachers want to keep their track record clean for future purposes, hence the reason for the pay which is to ensure total commitment. 

Do you fall into the category of those who have the time, and energy but there is no money to subscribe to a music lesson? Does having no money equates to your dream of being a pianist come to an abrupt end? No, that’s not true. Even though having enough cash at hand to subscribe to a music lesson and other necessary items is a great thing, it doesn’t determine the direction of your dream. 

With the advent of technology, learning a piano has become accessible to everyone who is committed and determined. 

Where Can You Learn to Play the Piano?

What the heart can conceive and determined to do, it can achieve. There are several ways you can choose to learn the opinion if you are ready to spend your time and energy into constant practice. Typical examples are libraries, especially libraries with enough resources on music, you can also get books on anything that can aid your learning process from a book store, and you can also surf the internet to get materials on mastering the art of playing the piano. 

Whichever way you choose, the internet will definitely go a long way with more than enough material that would aid your learning process. However, you need to opt for a learning method that you are comfortable with, and can help in achieving your desired result.

Also, you need to be careful about the kind of website you’ll visit; hence, you must learn to discern websites that are informative from websites that are only concerned with making some bucks off you. 

How to Learn to Play the Piano

We have a different perspective when it comes to answering the “How” question. My answer may be entirely different from yours, yet it doesn’t mean my perspective is wrong; neither is yours. The critical factor is your priority when answering this question. To some, how to learn piano may mean “How do I make out time for it?” while to others, it could be “How do I find a mentor?

Nevertheless, one thing you should be aware of is the time factor. Don’t get carried away in the world of procrastination. Don’t line up with those in the category of using time as an excuse for their failure. You can create time to attend that class you have with a teacher or at a music school, and you can commit a couple of hours to practice. 

One thing you should erase from your mind is the question of whether you will have the time to practice, or getting the perfect tutor. Thus, if you can eliminate these excuses, you’ll be a step away from bringing your dream to reality. 

If indeed you want to achieve that dream, then you have to commit a lot of time to learn, unlearn, and relearn anything that could aid your learning process. You have to get used to sitting on that bench with a piano in front of you and start practicing. Remember, if there is a will, you will undoubtedly find a way. 

There is no other shortcut to learning piano than to sit in front of the piano and play it. This doesn’t only apply to the piano but also other musical instruments. Even if you have the money to hire a private tutor or enroll in music school, without putting in effort from your side, everything is bound to go down the drain, 

A piano is a great and fun instrument to play to anybody ready to go through constant practice and dedication. 

Some Goals and Advice When Learning to Play the Piano

Good time management

You should know how to manage your time effectively. It’s not about committing a lot of time to practice, but it’s important to make the most out of your time during practice. With this in mind, coupled with dedication and patience, no one is going to stop you from being a pro. 

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Remember, you are not here to compete with others. Thus, you shouldn’t treat your piano lesson as one. Be patient, don’t be in a rush. Take whatever practice you are engaged in slowly, and do it right, to get the most out of the lesson. 

Get Comfortable With Your Instrument

The piano is not, unfortunately, one of the most accessible instruments to learn to play, but you will have greater satisfaction of achievement when you learned to play it. Get the right pose and stick with it. Keep your upper body upright and relaxed, and put relaxed hands on the keyboard. Don’t lift your shoulders when playing. Keep them square and comfortable and let your arms hang relaxed and close to your body.

Learning how to play the piano is not an easy task to achieve. Howbeit, the satisfaction that comes with being a pro at it is definitely worth it. So, you need to get the right pose and stick to it. Keep your body balanced and relaxed and be flexible with your hands. Overall, endeavor to get comfortable with your instrument. 

Set Tasks for yourself

Set tasks for yourself. It could be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Challenge yourself and make sure to give it your all towards achieving your goals. 

Get Inspired

Find a way to inspire yourself. You can consider meeting a mentor, reading books, or checking out piano lesson websites that do offer a wealth of information.


No matter what, don’t get discouraged as a result of the process attached to learning the piano, or negative advice. There will be a time when people would deter you from forging ahead with the learning process, do not give in to pressure. 

It’s normal to have this set of people around you but don’t let them dictate your life for you or damped your spirit. 

There are lots of reasons you should forge ahead with achieving your aim of enjoying this instrument. Discover these reasons and work on it. It will come in handy whenever you are discouraged. 

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