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The Raddest 6-Blocks Online piano lessons to Start Learning Piano & Keyboard from Home!

In this unique online coaching experience, you’ll be guided by the maestro Robin Hall as he teaches you the essentials of playing smoothly…and help you develop an astute understanding of how things work in the first place.

It is geared towards helping you bring back the old memories and further perfect the art of music!

The first of its kind, 6-block training program will teach you how to play by the ear and give you access to 9 interactive books that will turn you into a maestro!

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Instead, it needs you to step out and seize every opportunity that comes in your way.

We live in tough times and don’t often get to do things our way.

But that needs to stop!

Filling your life with things that matter to you will make you fall in love with your life.

You have that vigor in you that urges you to start playing the piano the way you used to or even better. But you haven’t made your move yet because you’re still running in the rat race!

Step out, give yourself some time, and follow your heart!

Now, you don't have to quit everything to pursue your passion. Instead, staying in touch with it will make your life a bliss.

That’s why PianoForAll offers offline access that you can view at your own pace on the device of your liking.

This means that you don’t have to follow schedules or take your time off from work.

Start playing again. Do it for the love of music!

Three Ways PianoForAll Will Help Reignite Your Passion!


Guarantee you; they used EXACT techniques, secrets, formulas, and 'bluffs' outlined in PianoForAll.


Every single exercise leads seamlessly into the next so as you progress, you never feel out of your depth


Teaches you how to Play by Ear and sight. Plus, empowers you to read sheet music, you will learn so much more at a far greater pace.

I’m amazed! Once you get the rhythms down, you really can sound like a pro! Great fun! Thanks for making this available at such a reasonable price. Anyone who doesn’t grab this up is going to go the long way home!

T. Dwight Kidd, Alabama, USA

I’ve finally managed to play after a year of slogging away trying to learn to read music. I have literally tried everything I found online to learn and I was considering giving the piano away to a friend when fortunately I found your lessons. Thanks a lot! Cheers

Toni Le Busque, USA www.tonilebusque.com

Hi Robin, Your course is everything that you and others said it would be. The lessons are do-able and satisfying. Your videos and sound bites make everything quite clear. I didn’t think I could make the piano sound this good so quickly. I would highly recommend your course to anyone who wants to learn the piano. Thanks so much. You are making a dream come true.

Mike Epstein, Ramat Razi’el, Israel


I’m Robin Hall – the piano master and creative inventor of the PianoForAll course.

Over the past two decades, I’ve been playing and teaching students how to play the piano and keyboard.

Before it wasn't the same as it is now. I started as a cartoonist.

Soon I had found myself drifting away from this industry due to a lack of interest from the modern world in cartoons and their true essence in entertainment.

robin hall from piano for all

While I wrote a few things on how to draw cartoons, I began teaching piano lessons.

In time, I decided to give it a shot and made teaching piano a full-time career.

Years after that, I started the online piano lessons course now known as PianoForAll, which is all about learning how to play the piano and keyboard.

I’ve managed to sum up my expertise to create a course that will make you an expert pianist in a short time duration.

To make the course even better, I explain everything in detail, so you don't miss anything. You’ll also find interesting tips and even shortcuts in playing the piano.

These will help you learn to play the piano quicker and in a shorter amount of time.

Get on board now, and learn from the best!

Watch What One Of Our Students Had To Say

Here's a sneak peek of the PianoForAll Lessons!

Building Block #1

A-Z Simplicity

Lesson One starts with specific piano chords so you can achieve that great rhythm-style sound.

This lesson is easy, and you'll see yourself progressing quickly and even sounding like a professional from the very start.

This is a perfect way to find the motivation you need to learn more and keep going in this course.

Building Block #2

Perfect blend of fun and expert knowledge

Every exercise and lesson will seamlessly lead into the next, so you will feel yourself making progress and never think you're out of your depth.

Moreover, it’ll also show you techniques that are essential to your learning needs.

Building Block #3

A Teacher In Robin, With A Proven Track Record

You are free to message Robin from PianoForAll, and he will guide you in the right direction.

Learning from Robin will be like having your very own piano teacher in the comfort of your home.

Building Block #4

Learn How To Effortlessly Read Music

Using unique combinations of Keyboard Diagrams, Musical Notation, and Audio and Video clips, Robin of PianoForAll will help you learn by a process called “Visual Association.”

This means you’ll learn it first by using Keyboard Diagrams, then Audio and Video clips, and finally, you’ll see what it’s like in the traditional musical notation.

Your brain will connect the two. No other course has this method! It’s important to learn how-to sight-read sheet music.

Reading sheet music is essential for all of your future learning as it opens up a realm of musical knowledge for you to draw upon.

Building Block #5

Proven System Behind Learning The Piano

Here's the guarantee – almost all of your favorite and popular self-taught Pianists and keyboard players have used these same techniques, secrets, formulas, and "bluffs," which are outlined in the PianoForAll course.

Building Block #6

Learn At Your Own Pace

Life can throw up surprises from time to time. We can't always commit to a set time and schedule.

That’s what is FANTASTIC about an online course taught by a REAL piano teacher.

You get to learn at your own pace, on your schedule, anytime you want to sit down & play.

How It Works?

Learn Directly from Robin!

Want me to critique your progress? No problem. I love helping students to learn faster.

Offline Access - Take Lessons Any Time

You don’t have to be online to watch the lessons. One-time access that lasts for a lifetime!

Beginner to Advanced Level

It takes you on a journey from a beginner to a complete maestro.

online piano lessons

This program is for you if…

✅ You’re looking to reignite your love with music

✅ You’re an aspiring musician looking to make an impact in the world

✅ You love to play music and have a good time

✅ You want to make the bond between you and music stronger

✅ You wish to learn a foolproof method of playing piano and keyboard

✅ You need to get your basics right

I'm just happy with the course. It's very well organised, lots of stuff to practice. Very good. I would reccommended to anyone.

I'm still in the 3rd section, but already lot of fun. Can't wait for the rest. 🙂

Gyuri Simon

This is a great course for beginners! I'm a total beginner and the design and progression of the lessons make me feel that I'm doing really well every time I accomplish each lesson. I feel like I have made good progress and I'm still at module 1. It is totally fun.

Moonnette C. Maranan

Fast, frank, and intelligently taught. Very obviously an experienced teacher who understands what the learner is going through, and being so it's taught compassionately. Thank you so very much for this course. 🙂

Ashley Velari

Plus, there’s more!

With this program, you get access to a music resource everyone needs to have!

Interactive Book #1 - Party Time/Rhythm Piano

Book One will introduce you to musical notation which includes rests and basic rhythm.

Unlike most curriculum that spends extra time on note-naming and other rhythm exercises, this section moves forward quickly.

In Book One, you will learn ten rhythms and eleven basic chords.

By the end of the book, you’ll be able to play the rhythms and chords of many popular songs while you or a friend sing the melody.

You should also be able to play “Amazing Broken Chord Ballad.”

Interactive Book #2 - BLUES & ROCK N ROLL 

This book is going to build on the foundation that you have just learned within book one.

It will teach you the "blues rhythms" by using the keys you have just learned.

This book will teach you the five blues rhythms and show you exactly how you can play a twelve-bar blues with any key.

Interactive Book #3 - CHORD MAGIC

This book also features the “all chords memory trick.”

This is a trick that makes the information dump easier to handle, and offers many practice progressions so you get a handle on the new material.

Here, you’ll also come across the “cycle of fifths” or what is commonly called the “circle of fifths.”

This is a concept meant to encourage you to practice all of the keys and teach you the relationship between them so you understand the general structure of music.


How to play chords from chord symbols that can be found in songbooks by starting with a “magic formula” for bluffing more advanced chords.

You’ll learn the “Manilow Mood,” which is a Barry Manilow-inspired piece that will have you learning new musical devices before you attempt to write a Manilow-style composition of your own.

After that, comes diminished chords and a lot of practice with progressions.

The book finishes strong with a lesson on The Beatles styling and long list of Beatles songs

Interactive Book #5 - BALLAD STYLE

This book will teach you how to improvise, give ideas for a melody, left-hand pattern, and chord progressions.

You’ll also learn how the ballad process is applied to songs you already know by building “Auld Lang Syne” from the bottom up.

You will also find sheet music for many ballades included in this book which will increase your joy of playing.

Also included are the melody lines for many Christmas Carols, but you’ll have to practice those left-hand skills yourself.

Interactive Book #6 - ALL THAT JAZZ & BLUES

This lesson starts by teaching you how to get that “bluesy” sound using scales, chords, and other tricks specific to blues before you move on to jazz.

Book Six will walk you through jazz in four distinct keys. It will also give you lots of tips and tricks for any jazz improvisation and will serve up an array of cool practice progressions.

On top of that, you’ll learn about quartal harmony before you finish up with an in-depth lesson in seventh chords.

Interactive Book #7 - ADVANCED BLUES & FAKE STRIDE

Learn advanced chord knowledge along with some fun right-hand riffs to the blues rhythm you learned.

You’ll also learn about tremolo, slides, turnarounds, and other blues devices.

You also get to apply everything you learned with “the song you’ve been waiting for,” ‘The Entertainer’ and end this section on a high note (This pun is definitely intended)!

Interactive Book #8 - TAMING THE CLASSICS

Robin teaches you to sight read music “the PianoForAll way.” This means watching for familiar chords and motifs. It also shows you to watch for notes that are sharp or flat due to a key signature change which are given in red to make them easy to spot.

Soon enough, you’ll get into playing classical piano pieces from the likes Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, and many more.

You do plan on playing more pieces from sheet music after you finish the PianoForAll course, then Robin recommends you spend more time on this section. This will help you practice your skills at reading music, pedaling, and tone.

Interactive Book #9 - SPEED LEARNING

Robin Hall showed his cleverness when he created the name of this lesson as its about scales, triads, and arpeggios, also known as the “vegetables” of practicing piano.

This is the ninth lesson in the course, it does contain practice “workout” routines and many memory tricks.

This section will further your understanding of key signatures, triads, seventh chords, and melodic patterns.

Here’s a Quick Recap of What You’re Getting!

✅ Visual and auditory lessons - PianoForAll provides you with video and audio lessons to help you learn the content. This is especially helpful for beginners who aren’t comfortable with reading sheet music.

✅ Super Simple Course Layout -Easy to navigate course layout: Having all the videos and audio clips embedded in the ebooks will make this course simple to navigate and access the content when you need it.

✅ Fast ProgressYou will jump right into playing. After your first session, you’ll feel like you’re making progress.

✅ Familiar SongsThis course uses popular songs. This will make it easier to play by ear and you’ll enjoy being able to play songs that already recognize.

✅ Promotes MusicalityPlaying by ear, improvisation, and composing melodies are often ignored in other piano methods for beginners.

✅Always Be Able To PlayAlways be able to play: PianoForAll teaches these skills step-by-step for a solid foundation. It will ensure that you’ll always have something to play.

✅ Left Hand TrainingThis curriculum makes sure you’ll use your left hand more compared to more traditional courses. Many will have you focus on the right hand. As the pieces learned got more complex, more time was spent practicing with the left hand. This course starts this at the beginning.

✅ Lazy Left Hand FixPianoForAll encourages you to practice more with your left hand than the right. Because of this, many students will be less likely to have a lazy left hand.

✅ Clear And Easy To FollowAll information in this course is laid out in a clear and easy way to understand. While it may be a bit plain when compared to printed curriculums, these lessons are well-organized and visually clean

Today's Special Offer: $40 Discount

  • This course won't make you the next Beethoven but it will give you the skills to be able to just sit down and play
  • You will have a full understanding of all the chords, progressions, keys and how music should be structured...no matter the style
  •  Build your skills from the bottom up, allowing you to play the music you want to play
  • Over 25,000 student reviews already
  • Risk Free, 60-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

The fact remains, the PianoForAll lessons are growing popular by the day and have reached over 250,000 students.

You may be asking yourself some of the following?

  • Will PianoForAll work for all ages?
  • How good is it?
  • Should I buy it?
  • Will it really save me time and money?

You will find out real soon!

Having a tight budget to work with can make extra purchases hard to make. Even affording some extra and considerably expensive piano classes are difficult at best but you want to learn how to play the piano fast and have it be affordable.

This leaves you with one option. That is teaching yourself.

Though you may find many videos online on how to play the piano, you may find the information hard to follow from one point to another or even distorted if the teacher skips an important step.

Because of this, you need something that fits your needs perfectly. Something that will teach you in a good flow and step-by-step. This is the PianoForAll course.

The Piano For All Process

What Does the Course Offer – Complete Details of What You Get in Piano for All Program

If you’re wondering what the course offers, here are the complete details of what you get in the PianoForAll program!

The course offers nine interactive lessons which you can download and save them to your computer, phone, or tablet.

As if this wasn’t enough, Robin has 200 video lessons along with 500 audio lessons in which he teaches you how to play piano and with details about pianos and keyboards.

Each of these piano and keyboard lessons are beginner-friendly.